[pdftex] Duplicate, redundant, same font embedded problem

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Thu Jan 27 12:51:36 CET 2011

On 27 January 2011 djlee064 wrote:

 > Hi all.
 > First, I've done my homework by searching through, and basically only
 > found a solution of using proprietary Adobe Professional to 'optimize
 > PDF' to possibly remove the duplicate fonts.
 > Well, this still doesn't solve problem for those relying on *unix system,
 > The problem is simple, seeing too many of the same fonts in the final
 > pdf, these also make the size larger, too. (including using gs,
 > ps2pdf, pdflatex, etc)
 > I'm surprised that after searching hard for few days (and seeing some
 > people with similar symptom), there's no real solution, i.e., if I
 > have 100s of pdf figures, then I'll have 100's of the (same) fonts.
 > I've also emailed Han, but using \pdfmapline doesn't seem to be the issue.
 > Can someone please help. Using pdffonts, for example, I see.
 > ZBLNKV+Helvetica-Oblique Type 1C yes yes no 32 0
 > XGVVDE+Helvetica-Oblique Type 1C yes yes no 22 0
 > XGVVDE+Helvetica Type 1C yes yes no 26 0
 > XEXXRE+Helvetica-BoldOblique Type 1C yes yes no 38 0
 > ZBLNKV+Helvetica Type 1C yes yes no 29 0
 > XEXXRE+Helvetica-Bold Type 1C yes yes no 35 0
 > First, what is the first 6 chars and + ? 

Random numbers which indicate that the "fonts" are different.

 > Maybe this is confusing the converter to think the fonts are
 > completely different?

pdffonts doesn't display font objects but font descriptors.  A font
descriptor is a small data structure which contains pointers to the
actual font, encoding vector, a list of glyphs in a subset, and so on.
I suppose that you are using different subsets of the font with
different encodings.

 > How do I get rid of this in the first place, or how do I tell to
 > ignore it?

I'm not sure you get rid of them at all.  You could try to replace
Type 1 fonts by Type 1C (CFF).  The latter are significantly smaller.
This can be done by ghostscript (ps2pdf).  Please note that ps2pdf
also can read PDF files.


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