[pdftex] Duplicate, redundant, same font embedded problem

djlee064 djlee064 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 01:54:14 CET 2011

Hi all.
First, I've done my homework by searching through, and basically only
found a solution of using proprietary Adobe Professional to 'optimize
PDF' to possibly remove the duplicate fonts.
Well, this still doesn't solve problem for those relying on *unix system,

The problem is simple, seeing too many of the same fonts in the final
pdf, these also make the size larger, too. (including using gs,
ps2pdf, pdflatex, etc)
I'm surprised that after searching hard for few days (and seeing some
people with similar symptom), there's no real solution, i.e., if I
have 100s of pdf figures, then I'll have 100's of the (same) fonts.
I've also emailed Han, but using \pdfmapline doesn't seem to be the issue.

Can someone please help. Using pdffonts, for example, I see.

ZBLNKV+Helvetica-Oblique Type 1C yes yes no 32 0
XGVVDE+Helvetica-Oblique Type 1C yes yes no 22 0
XGVVDE+Helvetica Type 1C yes yes no 26 0
XEXXRE+Helvetica-BoldOblique Type 1C yes yes no 38 0
ZBLNKV+Helvetica Type 1C yes yes no 29 0
XEXXRE+Helvetica-Bold Type 1C yes yes no 35 0

First, what is the first 6 chars and + ? Maybe this is confusing the
converter to think the fonts are completely different? How do I get
rid of this in the first place, or how do I tell to ignore it?

Thanks, DJ

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