[pdftex] I am not able to get the pdf files

Saras Saraswathi saraswathi55 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 07:14:51 CET 2011

I have been using Miketex. When I compile using Texworks I  get a pdf file
displayed.  But this pdf file  is not listed in the folder where the tex
work is ( if I see it through windows explorer). I am not able to print it
or do a save as. Earlier, this was not happening  ( I was able to see it
under windows explorer and open it with adobe).   Now I dont see it in the
folder, if I am outside of Miketex environment. But if I say open, then the
Texworks menu is showing a  the pdf file in the same folder as the .tex
file.   I cannot do a open with inside this open menu. So, what I did was
to drag this file after looking for it through texworks and then rename it
and print it out as pdf. So, why was it giving a pdf file  earlier, but now
it suddenly stopped showing this pdf file and is hiding the file somewhere
( I do not know where). How to correct this problem ?
Any help will be appreciated.


Saras Saraswathi PhD
Postdoctoral Research Associate,
Battelle Center for Mathematical Medicine.
The Research Institute at
Nationwide Children’s Hospital,
700 Children’s Drive
Columbus, OH 43205
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