[pdftex] distributing PDF documents with embedded fonts

Grzegorz Balcerek gbalcerek at echostar.pl
Tue Aug 2 01:16:03 CEST 2011


I would like to embed CM and LM (Latin Modern) fonts in a pdf document and be able to distribute that document.

I am trying to figure out if there are any legal restrictions.

As far as I understand the following license documents are relevant for the LM fonts

1) GUST font license: http://tug.org/fonts/licenses/GUST-FONT-LICENSE.txt

2) the LaTeX Project Public License: http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt

Is the act of embedding a font into a pdf document and distributing that document covered by those licenses? Is it restricted by those licenses? Is it treated as a "distribution" and/or "modification" of the font?

I do not find in those documents any direct information about how a document with an embedded font should be treated.

Is it a "derived work" (derived from the font)?


Grzegorz Balcerek

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