[pdftex] TeX as a composition server?

Peter Davis pfd at pfdstudio.com
Mon Oct 25 22:02:31 CEST 2010

On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 3:59 PM, James Quirk <jjq at galcit.caltech.edu> wrote:

> Ross,
> >
> > Why write it into a long file?
> One reason is that the timing will then include
> the overhead of reading the file, which will be
> missing with your approach. And as that overhead
> would be present for a real application,
> it really ought to be their in the timeing test.

Actually, the real application may involve converting XML to TeX mark-up via
XSLT, and possibly passing the result to TeX as a continuous stream.  So
looping in TeX may be useful to separate the raw composition time from the
file I/O, etc.

Thanks for all the thoughtful responses!  I really appreciate this group.

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