[pdftex] TeX as a composition server?

Jeffrey McArthur jeffmcarthur at comcast.net
Mon Oct 25 17:19:49 CEST 2010

If you want some examples of thousands of pages composed by TeX the easiest
is Leadership Directories: http://www.leadershipdirectories.com/

All 14 of the Leadership Directories Yellow Books are generated via TeX.
(Each directory is ~1000 pages)

Another example is Warren Communications. Their Television and Cable
Factbook is generated via TeX (About a week ago I made some changes to the
composition format files for the Cable section). 

If you have a large local library ask them if they have a copy of the
Library of Congress Subject Headings. That is composed via TeX. That is
around 7,000 pages in 4 volumes.

Note: all of those used plain TeX not LaTeX.

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On Mon, 25 Oct 2010 10:38:25 -0400, you wrote:

>Ok, now I have a few days to prove that some flavor of TeX is equal to the
>task.  Specifically, I want to have TeX compose and output tens of thousands
>of pages (or copies of the same page).  I suppose the simplest thing would
> be some kind of look that just composes the same page of text over and over
>again, as many times as I want.
>Can anyone point me to an example of how that would work?  I've used LaTeX,
>but not plain TeX.  I assume this would be fairly simple, right?
>Thank you,

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