[pdftex] russian hypenation

Hilmar Preusse hille42 at web.de
Wed Jun 9 14:51:19 CEST 2010

On 09.06.10 Aleks Kleyn (Aleks_Kleyn at mailaps.org) wrote:


> Log of pdflatex
> Package babel Warning: No hyphenation patterns were loaded for
> (babel)                the language `Russian'
> (babel)                I will use the patterns loaded for \language=0
> instead.
> Report from latex

> ("C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.8\tex\generic\babel\russianb.ldf"
> Language: russianb 2008/03/21 v1.1r Russian support from the babel system
> Package babel Info: Making " an active character on input line 199.
> I see that the program uses different format and log for babel is
> also different.  I cannot tell about reason.  It looks like in
> pdflatex babel looks to MikTeX setting, and in latex babel looks to
> its own setting.
Yes, LaTeX has a different format file and I'm pretty sure that the
hyphenation pattern for russian are in this for LaTeX but not in the
pdfLaTeX format file. I suggest to contact a MiKTeX forum and ask how
to change this. I use only TeX Live on Debian and can't help you

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