[pdftex] Table in the PDF looks different whith the same tex file

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Thu Jan 28 12:48:21 CET 2010

So what is the maximum number of time (two or three or …), I needed to run

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 1:34 PM, Joseph Wright <
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> On 28/01/2010 07:21, Prabhu wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Please check the attached tex file and the pdf. In the tex file I am
>> creating a table.
>> Try to run “pdflatex SampleTable.tex” to see the PDF.
>> I ran my tex file twice and compared the two pdfs (SampleTable_First
>> Run.pdf
>> and SampleTable_next run.pdf). They both are not similar.
>> To me it looks like second pdf is proper.  In the first pdf
>> (SampleTable_First Run.pdf) the header are not properly placed.
>>    1. I am not changing anything in the text file, then why in the next
>> run
>>    the table in the pdf looks different?
>>    2. Please help me to correct this problem.
> Hello Prabhu,
> As you are using the longtable package, this is entirely to be expected.
> longtable works by getting the width of columns correct over a number of
> runs.  For a short table such as the one you have, you don't really need to
> use longtable: a standard tabular will work fine. However, if the table is
> going to grow you may need the longtable environment, of could consider an
> alternative such as xtab.
> --
> Joseph Wright
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