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On 1/20/10, Jan Öhman <Jan_Ohman at glocalnet.net> wrote:
> Hello!
> (I don't know where to find examples and manuals)...
> How can I:

> - Change the orientation of the paper (from A4 portrait to landscape).
> - Control the margins (I want a printable area to 10mm from the edges).
> - Incorporate a "print date" or "change/create date" in the document
> - Selecting the font? - What name should be listed?

pdftex is normally used with a macro package such as latex or context, but
those are optional.   These packages have high-level support for changing
layout, formatting the date, etc.  There are also ways to take the date and
revison from RCS.

> (Is it the filename on the font file or the font name in Windows?)

In the beginning TeX had its own fonts.   If you want to use Windows
fonts you should learn about xetex (which can also be used with latex
or context or other
macro packages, but was designed to use system fonts.   There is also luatex.
Note that system fonts generally don't provide much maths support.

> - Give the font an color
> Is it possible?

Not only possible, but done daily by the majority of pdftex users.

Since you appear to be starting from scratch, you would do better to
describe what you hope to accomplish, e.g., produce electronic MS for
a journal/proceedings that wants latex format (probably the most
common role for pdftex), produce class notes in PDF format and print
exams with extensive maths, ...

Are there examples of the type of document you want to produce on the web?

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