[pdftex] Command => PDF

Gerree Pecht gerree at math.princeton.edu
Wed Jan 20 15:40:24 CET 2010


I guess I wasn't clear ...

Just run the file

pdflatex maryjane.tex

this is all that is needed to convert a latex file to a .pdf file ...

I personally make it a practice to run the file through latex each time I 
make a change or include more info ... hence the reason I said to run it 
through latex first ... but it isn't necessary. 
On Wed, 20 Jan 2010, Wouter Bergmann Tiest wrote:

> On 20 Jan 2010, at 15:09, Gerree Pecht wrote:
>>  need to run it through latex first
>>  latex (filename.tex)
> Why? And what's with the brackets?
>%%%% LEAVE THE BRACKETS OUT ... should look like latex filename.tex

> Wouter


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