[pdftex] [tex-live] PDF 1.5 by default in TL 2010

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Jan 13 16:54:12 CET 2010

Jim Diamond wrote:

> Ah, the joys of the overly-simplistic idea that it makes sense to
> associate one program with a given extension.
> If this is (easily) do-able under your favourite OS, could you write a
> program which, when given a PDF, Does The Right Thing and calls either
> AA 5 or AR 9 (or whatever) on the file, as appropriate?  And then
> associate this program with '.pdf' ?

I could have done, when programming was still done in
real languages such as Fortran, Pascal or Algol-68.
Sadly those days are long-since past, and as any
contact with "C" and its friends brings me out in a rash
that takes weeks to heal [1], I prefer to leave such tasks
to the current generation of nerds, geeks, dorks and
so on :-)

** Phil.
[1] Actually I find I can cope with finite exposure to
JavaScript, Java and PERL, without undue detrimental
effects, but C, C++, C# and all their friends provoke
such a severe allergic reaction that I avoid them even
more carefully than I do the plague ...

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