[pdftex] Blank lines are ignored when copying-and-pasting from PDF

martijn.list martijn.list at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 20:18:33 CET 2010

 > This might be difficult because PDF has no concept of lines.  It only
 > contains information where text or graphics shall appear on the page.
 > I tested your example with ps2ascii (Ghostscript) and pdftotext (xpdf)
 > and both didn't even recognize ordinary line breaks.  I assume that
 > copy-and-paste will never be reliable if the exact formatting matters.
 > But I tried something different which might be an option, though
 > probably not supported by all PDF browsers:
 > Put the key into an external file "PGP.txt" and run the file below
 > through pdflatex:

Hi Reinhard,

Interesting workaround (attaching the key). The only problem I have with 
PDF attachments is that I want the PDF to work with all PDF readers. The 
PDF is an installation manual for my open source project and I want it 
to work even when the PDF reader does not support attachments.

I tried to insert spaces etc. but it seems that all spaces are removed. 
I have search the web quite intensively for a solution but haven't found 
one. You would think that this is problematic for others as well, for 
example when including source code snippets. I have tried the listings 
package (which is used for including source code) but it suffered from 
the same problem.

Kind regards,

Martijn Brinkers

Djigzo open source email encryption

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