[pdftex] Tilde character in url.

Thierry Bouche Thierry.Bouche at ujf-grenoble.fr
Fri Apr 9 19:53:17 CEST 2010

Le vendredi 9 avril 2010 à 20:25:58, John écrivit :

JC> In plain pdftex I am typing the following url:
JC> \url{http://www.tux.org/~milgram/bookland}
JC> {http://www.tux.org/~milgram/bookland}

JC> The problem is the tilde character.  TeX persists in treating it either as
JC> an unbreakable space or as an accent over the following character.  The tag
JC> \tilde only works in math mode and again it wants to be on top of the next
JC> character. 

your \url macro is broken. Have a look at url.sty: it provides a
working one (and has being doing so for quite some years now). Don't
be fooled by the .sty name, url.sty works with plain tex and probably
even with a typewriter.

Th. B.

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