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Fri Apr 9 15:59:22 CEST 2010

Ciao, I need some help from expert about pdftex installation.I'm trying to use pdf crop perl script that need pdftex installation.the script fail in this way
* Running pdfTeX ...* pdfTeX call: pdftex -no-shell-escape -interaction=nonstopmode tmp-pdfcrop-11134Can't exec "pdftex": No such file or directory at ./pdfcrop.pl line 802.* Cleanup* Temporary files: tmp-pdfcrop-11134.tex tmp-pdfcrop-11134.log!!! Error: pdfTeX run failed!

It seems that pdftex is not installed and effectively I cannot fin this file in my Solaris environmnet.To install I foollow instructions 
Try the script build-pdftex.sh in this directory:
,--------| ./build-pdftex.sh`--------
If it succeeds, you should end up with the files pdftex and pdftex.pool inbuild-pdftex/texk/web2c
but I cannot find pdftex and pdftex.pool anywhere.The log and the screen don't sow errors.Can someone help me?Thanks
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