[pdftex] includepdf, includegraphics and bad quality

matteo.vicini matteo.vicini at cheapnet.it
Sat Oct 17 17:01:36 CEST 2009

I write you because I didn't find a solution to my problem with pdfpages 
so I'd like to have your opinion. This is the fact: I've got two 
different documents, one is only one page long and is compiled with 
pdflatex, it includes text and an image, the second one is a book also 
compiled with pdflatex in which I put the first document with 
\pdfinclude command, if the first document has NO image the result in 
the final one is perfect, otherwise the first document looks good by 
itself but looks very bad in the book! It means that it seems to have 
all in bold font and everything is shelled, I don't know how to solve. 
If you need I can send you the tex document and the generated pdfs, the 
same problem occours if I use \includegraphics command instead of 

thanks for your help Matteo

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