[pdftex] SVG and pdftex.

Victor Ivrii vivrii at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 15:26:32 CET 2009

On Sun, Nov 1, 2009 at 9:10 AM, Martin Schröder <martin at oneiros.de> wrote:
> 2009/10/30 John Culleton <john at wexfordpress.com>:
>> there plans for including it in pdftex?  I can of course convert to pdf
>> in each case but that is an extra step.
> pdfTeX is frozen, so no.

It would be nice to get a bit more info about pdftex even without any
connection to svg

1) On sarovar.org pdftex is listed as 1.40.9	August 16, 2008 while TL
2009 comes with  1.40.10

2) http://www.tex.ac.uk/cgi-bin/texfaq2html?label=luatex claims that

As is said elsewhere in these FAQs, development of PDFTeX is “in
essence” complete — no new facilities are being developed, since the
limitations of the present structure mean that the returns on effort
invested are diminishing. The PDFTeX team has announced that no
further developments will be added after the release of PDFTeX 1.50.0,
which will be the next major release.

So, what about 1.50 (with alpha version available from svn for years)
- no, I never actually tried it?


> A patch for luaTeX would probably be welcome, though. :-)
> Best
>   Martin

Victor Ivrii, Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto

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