[pdftex] Some problems with form Xobjects and \pdfliteral

Thomas Lavergne thomas.lavergne at reveurs.org
Thu May 21 16:09:08 CEST 2009

On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 03:17:26PM +0200, Paweł Jackowski wrote:
> % then you can put all XForms using \pdfliteral only
> \pdfliteral{
> 	/Fm\pdfxformname\pdflastxform \space Do
> }
> % since you don't use \pdfrefx* commands at top page level,
> % you can make your own XObject dict, because pdfTeX will not
> % generate one anyway
> \pdfpageresources{
> /XObject <<
> 	/Fm\pdfxformname\pdflastxform \space
> 	\the\pdflastxform\space 0 R
> >>}

Yes, this works and allow me to make some testing.

But this can be only a temporary solution for me, since this imply that
all other macro packages used this trick and coordinate themselves in
order to build the XObject dictionary.

I've just found another workaround : Put the \pdfrefxform in box outside
of the page (i.e. fex inch on the left for example) So the name is added
to the dictionary without showing the text and it doesn't need to change
every other macro package, but it's also very ugly...

Thanks for your help, if you think about a cleaner way to do it, say me.


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