[pdftex] SVG/Inkscape drawings in pdftex

Piet van Oostrum piet at cs.uu.nl
Sun Jul 19 18:13:05 CEST 2009

>>>>> "Johannes Berg" <johannes at sipsolutions.net> (JB) wrote:

>JB> Hans Hagen wrote:
>>> John R. Culleton wrote:
>>>> The Inkscape program can save drawings in a variety of formats
>>>> including pdf. This is the obvious straightline way to
>>>> incorporate such a drawing into a pdftex document. But the more
>>>> usual output of Inkscape is SVG. Is there a way to incorporate
>>>> SVG into pdftex directly?
>>> just convert the svg to pdf (using inkscape)

>JB> I don't know how well inkscape pdf export works now, but I've had *much*
>JB> better results with exporting EPS (cropped to the objects) from inkscape
>JB> and then converting to pdf using epstopdf (not eps2pdf!).

For Inkscape 0.46 that certainly was true. Actually I myself had an
inkscape extension for PDF export that went this route, making it easier
to use. However, Inkscape 0.47 (prerelease) is much better, I think
mainly because the cairo conversion to PDF is better, so I no longer go
through epstopdf but directly to PDF. I haven't noticed bad outputs.
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