[pdftex] Vietnamese fails to print some particular phrase

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Tue Dec 8 20:34:50 CET 2009

On 8 December 2009 Prabhu wrote:

 > In my .tex file, I use T5 fontenc to produce vietnamese font. I can able to
 > generate output (using pdflatex) with most of the phrase text. But some
 > phrases throws a error.  can some one help in pointing the cause of the
 > error.. Thanks.
 > The probalamatic phrase is
 > "Tham khảo Phần 3 trong Phiếu an toàn hóa chất này về
 > phân loại theo GHS"
 > And the error is
 > ! Package ucs Error: Please activate option 'combine'.

Hi Prabhu,
I just copied the text into a text editor and had to remove the
Vietnamese characters and write them again.  They look different now,
maybe you didn't use the correct Unicode code points.  Please note
that some Unicode characters share the same glyph.  An example is
/Dcroat and /Eth (Đ).  If you are using /Eth in Vietnamese, everything
looks correct in your text editor but TeX will fail because it's not
defined in Vietnamese. 

The file below works fine for me.

BTW, I'm using Emacs-23.1
   Encoding: UTF-8
   Input Method: vietnamese-viqr (mode line indicator:VQ)


Tham khảo Phần 3 trong Phiếu an toàn hóa chất này về phân loại theo GHS

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