[pdftex] national fonts

mateo teo mate_ob at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 30 19:22:41 CEST 2009

> mateo teo wrote:
> > Hi
> > Is it possible to copy to clipboard national letters
> (like ą,ę)
> > from document, which is created by pdftex? When I use
> Adobe Reader
> > I get "a", "e" instead of "ą", "ę". What casuse it
> and how can I
> > avoid it?
> Nrmally to create a cedilla accented vowel type 
> \c o
> These are composite letters.   They should
> print OK. To get the true 
> glyph from the font you need to identify the position of
> glyph in the 
> font and then address it numerically e.g., \char65. For
> this  number 
> you need to have a table with all the glyphs of the font in
> numeric 
> order. 

Command \char doesn't work. I still get normal letters in my clipboard (in the document I get correct letters).
Is it because I use Type 1? If I use Word to create PDF everything is fine.
I checked Word's PDF properties and it uses True Type font. Could the font type be the reason?


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