[pdftex] \pdfstartlink attributes

silvio mercadante silvio.mercadante at unito.it
Mon Sep 1 13:04:54 CEST 2008

Thanks Heiko for the feedback. Please forgive me to answer so late...

On Aug 13, 2008,  Heiko wrote:
> \pdfstartlink (and many other primitives) are low level
> commands intended for experts. Use some of the
> higher user level macros (hyperref/latex, ConTeXt, ...) if
> you don't want to become an expert.

Yes, I see.  I'd like to become as few of an expert as it suffices to  
personalize the look of hyerlinks in the typesets...

For example, with the attributes
	attr{/C [1 .5 0]/BS<</Type/Border/S/S/W 1>>}%
I get an orange border 1 point thick around the hyperlink in the on- 
screen view (but nothing in the print...).

If I wanted the border filled with an orange background?
If I wanted all that printed and not only displayed?

Thanks again... and again in advance ;-)


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