[pdftex] relative link with hyperref

Hans-Joachim Frick Hans-Joachim.Frick at gmx.de
Mon Oct 27 11:35:32 CET 2008

The aim is, to do a relativ file link with pdflatex and hyperref(hyperref using driver hpdftex) with linux(Opensuse10.3) from a pdf document to html files in a subdirectory of the  current directory.
The pdf document has to be portable to other platforms.

The working directory is /home/frick. The directory /home/frick/a contains a file index.html geogebra.jar and a *.ggb file for geogebra application.

The code for an absolute link is:


With Acroread mouse over to the link open an window with the path file:///home/frick/a/index.html, the browser find index.html, and geogebra. Geogebra opens the *.ggb file. The adress in the browse is /home/frick/a/index.html.

For an relative link the code is:

\hyperbaseurl{file:///./} or
\hyperbaseurl{./} or i believe \hyperbaseur{anything}

The window on acroread is file:////home/frick/a/index.html, one slash more then by the absolut link, the browser opened index.html and geogebra, but geogebra fails by opening the file://*.ggb. The adress in the browser is //home/frick/a/test.html. 
By deleting one slash in the Browser-window, index.html, geogebra and *.ggb were founded.

I think by the relativ Link one slash is too much in the adress.

Do anyone have an idea, for changing the code, to work?

Yours sincerely

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