[pdftex] pdftex graphics primitives and weird font error?!

ivowel at gmail.com ivowel at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 22:33:28 CEST 2008

thank you everybody (reinhard, ross, han). this was very helpful. I wish I  
did not have to argue with this gentleman. I think he is silly holding onto  
a TeX package that is dead and old, but he runs his own typesetting shop,  
my book publisher used him, and I am stuck now with refereeing between his  
views and my views. (He also likes to call fonts by their native names, not  
the karl berry names. so, I had to install them with this naming.) Just in  
case you are wondering why I have been asking so many questions lately, it  
is because I am stuck in this netherworld.

My font is in my main document, not embedded. the test file is short:

\font\testf = op.tfm at 12 pt
\testf this is op.tfm at 12 pt, fails with weird acrobat error.

\font\testf = tjb.tfm at 12 pt
\testf this is tjb.tfm at 12 pt, works.


Now, I tried one tfm file for this font generated here, one .tfm generated  
elsewhere. the .pfb file itself displays just fine in konqueror. However,  
ghostscript cannot handle the output file, either, when I try  
the .tex->.dvi->.ps->.pdf route (where gs does the last part). I do not  
know of a native way to skip tex to view a .pfb font via ghostscript, or I  
would have tried it, too.

I guess there is no easy "checkfontinstall.pl" script... :-(.



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