[pdftex] pdftex graphics primitives and weird font error?!

ivo welch ivowel at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 21:49:38 CEST 2008

dear pdftex experts:  I apologize for asking so many questions.  I am
dealing with a shop that relies on a macro package written in an old
version of Y&Y, and I need to be able to take these documents and run
them through pdftex.

the gentleman who runs this shop and who has written this package is
unwilling to include graphicx.  He wants to know what the underlying
native pdftex commands are that are needed to place an external pdf
graphic files into the document.  (actually, he really wanted to place
.eps files, but realized that this was impossible.)

secondly, I have most of my fonts inclusions working, except I run
into some strange problems with my Optima font.  The Acrobat reader
gives me a "Cannot extract the embedded font HVNDGD+Optima.  Some
characters may not display or print correctly." error on a pdf file
produced by pdftex.  of course, I might have done any of 23 different
steps in the font installation process wrong; still, it is unusual in
that all my other fonts are working fine, and the error does not
appear in the pdftex compilation stage but the acrobat display stage.
it is as if pdftex embedded the font incorrectly.  of course, if all
that pdftex does is to copy the font file, then the error could just
as well have been with my font installation process.  so, I am just



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