[pdftex] Broken hyperrefs when in browser

Rolf A. de By deby at itc.nl
Thu Oct 9 16:50:39 CEST 2008

Dear all,

I posted below request in late August, not generating interest.
Perhaps this is really an unknown issue.  I am becoming slightly
desperate now ;-) and will very much appreciate every suggestion, no
matter how small, of how to resolve this.  For symptoms, pls see below.

We are creating course materials here with a combination of tools 
(Miktex 2.7, pdflatex 2008.5.6, beamer class) to create mutually 
hyperlinked pdf documents. We apply \hyperref[]{} commands to create the 
This works without problems, and documents can be used as intended from 
Adobe Reader, at least version 7 and up.  When the same pdf documents 
are opened inside a browser (IE, Firefox, Safari on XP)  hyperlinks to 
other documents no longer work.  That other document does open in the 
pdf plug-in, but displays the first page of the doc, and not the hyperlinked 
target page.  All goes well with Safari on Mac, however.

Is this known behaviour?  Is there a known solution?  I'd be very happy 
to find out how to make this work on all platforms, as our course 
attendants approach the documents from BlackBoard, an educational CMS 
based on browser technology.



International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC)
Chamber of Commerce: 410 27 560

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