[pdftex] microtype / tracking / ligatures - question

Jan Anderssen jan at fallobst.de
Fri May 2 21:22:29 CEST 2008

dear all,

(i hope this is the right forum to ask this question.)

i have added a small amount of inter-letter space for small font sizes  
through microtype:

	{ encoding 	= *,
	  size 		= -small,
	  font 		= */*/*/sc/* }
\SetTracking{ encoding = *, shape = sc }{ 10 }
\SetTracking{ encoding = *, size = footnotesize }{ 15 }
\SetTracking{ encoding = *, size = -footnotesize }{ 25 }

this seems to prevent ligatures from being used in small sizes. that  
makes sense to me for ligatures of ff, fl, ffl, etc., but i was  
wondering if there was a way to keep the "hyphen ones", -- and ---.

i know i can use \textendash and \textemdash, i was just wondering if  
anyone knew of a different way, preferably one that involves less  
typing / remembering.


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