[pdftex] ttf2afm suggested feature

Лидовский Владимир litwr at yandex.ru
Fri Jun 20 10:58:17 CEST 2008

Thank you very much! :-) It is become difficult to inform gs-team about the new bugs...

Thank you also for help with enc-file. However the nature of the problem is other. There is no common t2a.enc! One cyrillic letter glyphs can have different names in the different fonts, e.g., the letter A may have name `Acyrillic', `afii10017', `uni0410', `U0410', and maybe other in the different fonts. So I ask about utility that can create t2a.enc and others for the arbitrary font. 

>> If somebody wants to use a ttf-font with pdftex then he should use 8-bit enconding fitted in the TeX standards (T1, T2A, T5, ...). 
>> Try 
>>   AFMtoENC t2a Cyberbas.ttf
>> then
>>   ttf2afm -c Cyberbas.ttf
>> and see difference. I can't find a way to produce a proper vector automatically for t2a-encoding with 
>> ttf2afm. :-(

>it's as simple as:

>  ttf2afm -e t2a.enc -o Cyberbas.afm Cyberbas.ttf

Where should I take this `t2a.enc' or better `Cyberbas-t2a.enc' for Cyberbas.ttf?! This is the nature of my suggestion about feature.

with kind regards
  Vladimir Lidovski

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