[pdftex] pdfbookmark problems with auto-greek or iso-8859-7

Jörg Ebeling joerg.ebeling at shbe.net
Wed Jun 18 02:06:29 CEST 2008

Hi Folks,

I'm working on a Greek catalog in which I need to mix Latin and Greek 
The best solution I found for this (till now) has been the "auto-greek" 
package. It's functionality is founded in the use of the iso-8859-7 
But when using iso-8859-7 encoding the \pdfbookmark outputs quirky 
bookmarks in a total wrong encoding.
I also tried to have the document iso-8859-7 encoded but placed utf-8 
encoded text inside the \pdfbookmark which also does quirky output.

Building the document in utf8x encoding results in nice bookmarks, but 
then I can't mix Latin and Greek letters anymore.

Does anybody has a solution for me ?

Kind regards

    Jörg Ebeling


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