[pdftex] ttf2afm bug

The Thanh Han hanthethanh at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 09:30:05 CEST 2008

On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 09:01:01AM +0400, Лидовский Владимир wrote:
> Hello
> I've performed some experiments with free True Type Unicode Cyberbas font from
>   http://www.wazu.jp/gallery/Fonts_CyrS.html
> I've found that ttf2afm can find glyph names missed in the font and can omit glyph names presented in the font. For example, 
>   ttf2afm Cyberbas.ttf
> produces 1249 glyph names in the afm-file. The next sh/ps script also produces 1249 glyph names. However the sets of glyph names are not identical. 
>   echo Cyberbas \(Cyberbas.ttf\)\; >Fontmap        #if this font doesn't registered for gs
>   echo 'Cyberbas findfont /str 70 string def /CharStrings get
>   {pop str cvs print (\n) print} forall quit' >showglyphnames.ps 
>   gs -q showglyphnames.ps
> Further tests show that the set produced by gs is correct one. For example, ttf2afm shows glyph names `cdot', `Cdot', `macron', 'mu', ... (total 15 names) which are missed in the font and omits glyph names `cdotaccent', `Cdotaccent', `increment', `mu1' (total 15) which are presented. It is impossible to see missed glyphs by command 
>   /Cyberbas findfont 40 scalefont setfont 70 70 moveto GLYPHNAME glyphshow
> for gs. The similar differencies were gotten for all other tested TT-fonts (Lucida, CharisSIL, ...).

any argument to support that gs is correct here please? eg
why "cdot" is wrong and "cdotaccent" is right, and not vice

> BTW Why doesn't ttf2afm use call for gs?

because when ttf2afm was written, gs support for ttf was
very poor. In fact I reported a few bugs related to ttf
processing to Peter Deutsch when I added ttf support to

> There is also a suggestion about a feature. IMHO the program `ttf2enc' (or even `font2enc') will be useful for the TeX-world, e.g., 
>   ttf2enc t2a Cyberbas.ttf
> should produce Cyberbas.enc to use in the map-file with `Cyberbas.ttf' for pdftex... I've written 
> `afmtoenc' utility for the mentioned purpose -- its raw variant is at
>   http://litwr.boom.ru/tex.html
> It is a bit odd that such kind of a program didn't appear 10-15 years ago.

ttf2afm can output enc files, and it already exists for more
than 10 years.


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