[pdftex] Multiple references to image fails.

Markus Ueberall Markus.Ueberall at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 20:47:52 CEST 2008


John Culleton wrote:
> [...] The e-book site restricts total e-book size to 2mb so every byte counts.

Regardless of the contents of your document, you may want to process the 
resulting PDF file using the "Multivalent" compress tool before shipping 
it, cf. http://multivalent.sourceforge.net/

Using Heiko Oberdiek's minimal example, pdfTeX-1.40.4 produces a file 
with 5490 bytes;  the Multivalent compressor outputs a file with 5164 
bytes (5% smaller).  When run against a more realistic example (13 pages 
containing some equations, using times.sty), it saved as much as 23%. :)

Ad astra, Markus

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