[pdftex] Encryption, passwords and so on.

Ulrich Drepper drepper at redhat.com
Thu Jan 17 16:51:32 CET 2008

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Robin Fairbairns wrote:
> is a pdftex that encrypts part of a document "acceptable", then?
> (that's why, i understood, that encryption was removed from the
> distribution -- the distributed encryption only applied to pdftex's own
> streams, not to included ones.)

This is a secondary problem.  I don't think that the incomplete
encryption was the (main) motivation to remove the code.  I think in
many people's environment the generated PDFs are post-processed which
would mean the encryption is just meaningless because it has to be
undone immediately.  Combine that with the perceived problems with the
patch at that time and the maintainers (IIRC) argued it's not worth
caring about encryption at this level.

I personally don't need post-processing.  I could use the pdfopt
functionality (i.e., optimization for online use) but that's not really

So for me a revived version of the old patch would do just fine.
Whether it also covers included PDFs is a QoI issue.  If somebody cares
enough to figure out how to do it I see no reason why it cannot be done.

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