[pdftex] Sophiscticated error

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Sun Feb 17 07:29:29 CET 2008

Nobody answered this message. However I think there exist way to debug such
error. After long break I return to the problem and even this is not easy
task I started from A.aux. At the end of file I found the text

\@writefile{lot}{\contentsline {table}{\numberline {10.1}{\ignorespaces
Doppler shift on the Earth of a wave emitted from S2; mass of Sgr A is
$4.1_{10}6 M_\odot $ \def endCite{Ghez}]\def

which was the source of error. Original text is

\caption{Doppler shift on the Earth of a wave emitted from S2;
mass of Sgr A is $4.1_{10}6 M_\odot$ \citeBib{Ghez}}
distance cm&$1.868_{10}15$&$2.769_{10}16$\\

Difference between two measurements of wavelength is $13.098\AA$

Where \citebib is part of the code


As soon as I commented caption the error in B.tex disappeared. Two questions

How I can find such errors in future?

Why caption appeared in A.aux when I never use it in \ref macro

Aleks Kleyn

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I create two pdf files using pdflatex. When I compile B.pdf I use
\externaldocument to get references from A.aux. Somewhere in the file A.tex
there is error, however I see the problem only when I compile B.tex. Is here
the way to get extra output so I will be able to find problem.

I cannot create min example because I do not have any idea what I should

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