[pdftex] Font inclusion (.ttf)

Patrick Gundlach pg at levana.de
Tue Apr 29 23:18:45 CEST 2008

Hello Thanh,

>> The question remains: how can I access the glyph that is mapped to the
>> u+0074 slot?
> please post the relevant map line here. 

(I'm on a different computer, so I will copy by hand)

\pdfmapline{+abc ABC "stdUni ReEncodeFont " <8auni.enc < myfont.ttf}

where stdUni (8auni.enc) is the 8a.enc just replaced /t with /uni0074

pdftex gives me a warning:

no unicode mapping found, all 'uniXXXXX' names will be ignored.

>From the source I see that this warning comes up when there is no cmap
entry. I see that there are 2 cmap encoding tables in the font, one with
platformID 1, encodingID 0, one with platformID 3, encodingID 0, which
seems to be a symbol encoding, right? So my assumption that the
relevant glyph is mapped to U+0074 might be incorrect.

I did not dig into the encoding table further so I cannot reveal any
more details yet.

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