[pdftex] Font inclusion (.ttf)

Patrick Gundlach pg at levana.de
Tue Apr 29 20:47:29 CEST 2008


I've just stumbled across a strange (proprietary, symbol-) font that gave me a
hard time; I have no idea how to get correct output. 

This truetype font has several glyphs that seem to be named "t"
but only one with a unicode mapping/position. See the table below on
how three different applications show the name of this glyph (and the unicode
mapping of that glyph).

FontForge   | ttf2afm   | FontLab   | position/mapping
't'         | 't'       | 't.002'   | U+0074    <----- I want this one
'glyph30'   | 't'       | 't.001'   | ?         <----- I get this one :(
'glyph37'   | 't'       | 't'       | ?

When I try to access this font from pdftex, I can only access the
glyph called 't.001' or 'glyph30' (but I am not totally sure, since
the second and last one look similar), but not the first one as I
would like. 

Does anybody know how I could access the first glyph? And how can I
check if this is a valid font? Can truetype fonts have the same name
for several glyphs? This is a font from sigmaker.


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