[pdftex] Font (embedding) problem

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Fri Mar 23 20:58:54 CET 2007

>>>>> "Marcel" == Marcel Korpel <marcel.lists at gmail.com> writes:

  > Hi, When using different encoding schemes on the same font, the
  > font name gets duplicated several times. I haven't experienced any
  > problems with that, but lately I had to use an Océ printer at my
  > university and things went wrong.

  > For instance, when using old-style figures in the body text and
  > lining figures for footnote numbers, all 1's were printed as a
  > lining figure, whether they were old-style, lining or superscript
  > ones.

Please provide a small .tex file (one which does not use many
different fonts) which shows this problem.


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