[pdftex] Quest for Sample .tex Files

Brad Burkman BBurkman at lsmsa.edu
Fri Jan 19 23:16:14 CET 2007

I teach high-school mathematics, and have taught myself pdfTeX (not
pdflaTex) from MiKTeX to create worksheets and tests.  I also generate
class sets of worksheets by having C++ generate the .tex files, with
each student's worksheet having similar but different exercises.
Examples at www.lsmsa.edu/bburkman/resources.    


I'm looking for a repository of simple sample files, with both .tex and
.pdf, from which I can adapt.  I have found a few online, but don't know
what is state of the art.  I want to, for instance, use Type 1 fonts,
but don't know how to specify them.  I've read the manual, but it lacks
examples, and is somewhat cryptic.  


I also want to include Bezier curves, but I haven't found anything about
pdfTricks written in the last three years.  Was it replaced with
something?  Did people give up on it?  I haven't found any .tex examples
employing it.  


I would appreciate your suggestions.  


Brad Burkman

Instructor in Mathematics

Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts

bburkman at lsmsa.edu


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