[pdftex] pdf parser testsuite

andreas.lobinger at freenet.de andreas.lobinger at freenet.de
Tue Jan 9 16:18:55 CET 2007


>I'm looking for a testsuite of pdfs for pdf parsers. IIRC it exists
>somewhere on the net, but googling and searching freshmeat hasn't
>helped me yet.
>Anybody got an URL?

1) There is no offical testsuite.
2) Once upon a time there was a collection within the depths of ftp.adobe.com
3) A really good collection is
4) For my (working!) pdf parser i collected randomly from the net. I cannot put it online,
but maybe i can help you with extreme examples.
5) Start an own collection. Focus on non-standard pdf generators.

Wishing a happy day,

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