[pdftex] pdftex.map update problem

Akira Kakuto kakuto at fsci.fuk.kindai.ac.jp
Sat Feb 10 00:11:13 CET 2007

> I had a problem with one of my map files: "one line is wrong".
> I think the map file (mbb.map) had some offending characters coming
> from utf8 editors in Mac. I deleted the characters; saved; ran updmap
> and easy enough the shell announced "Working with mbb.map", as I wanted.
> It also said "I have updated pdftex.map".
> And yet the lines of my map file are not anywhere in my pdftex.map!

I suspect the reason may be Mac line endings in mbb.map.
Try a command in the directory where mbb.map exists

tounix mbb.map

Then line endings are changed to Unix type.
If you don't have tounix.exe, it is in txtutil.tar.gz in w32tex

Best regards,

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