[pdftex] bug with included transparent graphics

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Mon Dec 31 16:27:36 CET 2007

2007/12/31, James Quirk <jjq at hmx.galcit.caltech.edu>:
> The posting has elicited the following response
> which is along the lines you were thinking:
> ----------- http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.3c05ae39/0
> It's not that the PDF is erroneous - it's a perfectly valid PDF. However,
> it isn't taking into account the fact that when transparency is present,
> Acrobat (as per the PDF Reference) uses a different "path" to rendering
> that involves an "transparency blending space". By default, that space is
> DeviceCMYK and thus your RGB colors are being converted to CMYK when
> rendered.
> If pdfTeX were to add a /Group dictionary to any page containing
> transparency and specify in there to use /DeviceRGB instead as the
> blending space - your colors wouldn't shift.

Leonard already told me the same.

I'll fix this next year. :-)


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