[pdftex] Scanned and searchable PDF?

Frédéric Darboux Frederic.Darboux at orleans.inra.fr
Fri Aug 10 18:32:59 CEST 2007

Thank you Martin: it works.

It is not as nice as what can be done with Adobe Capture, but this will 
be useful as a poor-man solution.
For the record, find below an example.



\usepackage[a4paper, top=0cm, bottom=0cm, left=-0.6cm, right=0cm]{geometry}







Martin Schröder a écrit :
> 2007/8/9, Frédéric Darboux <Frederic.Darboux at orleans.inra.fr>:
>> I have already seen such kind of PDF file, but I do not know how to
>> build one myself. Could it be done using pdfTeX? (and how...)
> I've never seen one of these files, but I think it's done thusly:
> Create a page with the text and overlay it with the scanned image of
> the page. Then only the image will be displayed/printed, but the text
> can still be searched.
> Best
>    Martin
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