[pdftex] gs warning: Warning: Encoding not present.

Thanh Han The hanthethanh at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 11:54:43 CEST 2007

=66rom pdf spec:

| Because some aspects of TrueType glyph selection are dependent on the vie=
| implementation or the operating system,PDF files that use TrueType fonts
| should follow certain guidelines to ensure predictable behavior across al=
l viewer
| applications:
| o The font program should be embedded.
| o A nonsymbolic font should specify MacRomanEncoding or WinAnsiEncoding
| as the value of its Encoding entry,with no Differences array.
| o A font used to display glyphs that do not use MacRomanEncoding or WinAn=
| Encoding should not specify an Encoding entry.The font descriptor  s Symb=
| flag (see Table 5.20)should be set,and its font program es =1Ccmap =1D ta=
ble should
| contain a (1,0)subtable.It may also contain a (3,0)subtable;if present,th=
| subtable should map from character codes in the range 0xF000 to 0xF0FF by
| prepending the single-byte codes in the (1,0)subtable with 0xF0 and mappi=
| to the corresponding glyph descriptions.

so I think that if the font doesn't use MacRomanEncoding or
WinAnsiEncoding, the Encoding entry should be left out. But
here are many pdf experts who can tell more about this. So
you might wait for a while before firing a bug report
to gs to see if there are other opinions.


On Sun, Apr 15, 2007 at 11:31:46AM +0200, Stephan Hennig wrote:
> Thanh Han The schrieb:
> > Encoding doesn't have any effect on TTF fonts (they use their own
> > builtin encodings), so it's a right thing to leave it out. It's
> > pretty easy to add a faked Encoding as Hartmut suggested above, but
> > is it really needed?
> The warning is at least irritating and either pdftex or gs should be
> fixed.  So, do you think it is a bug in gs?  I could write a bug report
> if nobody else with some more expertise in pdf stuff beats me to it.
> Best regards,
> Stephan Hennig
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