[pdftex] BibTeX entry with multiple urls

Sandrine Dudoit sandrine at stat.Berkeley.EDU
Sat Sep 2 10:14:11 CEST 2006


I have a BibTeX entry with multiple urls, e.g.,

  author = 	 {J. Doe},
  title = 	 {Great article},
  journal = 	 {Any journal},
  year = 	 {2006},
  OPTkey = 	 {},
  OPTvolume = 	 {},
  OPTnumber = 	 {},
  OPTpages = 	 {},
  OPTmonth = 	 {},
  OPTnote = 	 {},
  OPTannote = 	 {},


When I run pdflatex and bibtex, both urls appear in the bibliography, but
a single hyperlink (to the first url only) is applied to both urls.
Is it possible to have a separate hyperlink for each url?

I've tried
but then the second url is completely ignored.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Sandrine Dudoit

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