[pdftex] pdfpages: including files with full stop in filename

Wouter Duivesteijn wouter at A-Eskwadraat.nl
Sat May 27 16:17:45 CEST 2006

Dear all,

I maintain a database of old exams at my university. These files are 
named [code].[date].tent.pdf, e.g. WISB101.2004-11-11.tent.pdf. This 
way, the code and date can be easily parsed from the filename by some 
script (for the curious readers: the 'tent' means we are dealing with an 
exam and not with a set of solutions).

Now I want to include a subset of these files in another document, using 
\includepdf from the pdfpages package. Unfortunately, LaTeX does not 
recognise the pdf files as pdf files. I am given errors like "unknown 
graphics extension: .2004-11-11.tent.pdf". I suppose this happens 
because the file extension is parsed from the first period encountered 
in the filename.

Is there a way to include the files using the pdfpages package, without 
renaming the files?

Thanks in advance.


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