[pdftex] bug report: pdflatex given segmentation fault

holop ferenc fred at pentacom.sk
Wed May 24 11:19:56 CEST 2006

hmm, Heiko Oberdiek said that
> a) "more uptodate" doesn't necessarily mean beta software
>    there are many releases in between.

but you did show the banner of the beta version...

> b) It is better to use a release with bugs, than beta software
>    that fixes the bugs?
> c) pdfTeX is free software. Its users may help the pdfTeX
>    developers by trying beta or even alpha software.

if someone still uses 1.21, the chances are that they use some tex
distribution and are not comfortable with upgrading things by hand.
the same people probably won't be comfortable runing beta software

i run beta software on a daily basis, so i know it's not magic.
it's just that one has to realize it's beta.

anyway, these opinions are highly academic, everyone should use
what they see fit to use.  i merely voiced my opinion that
i wouldn't advise using beta software to non-developer users.


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