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Christoph Bier christoph.bier at web.de
Tue May 16 10:15:32 CEST 2006

By mistake I sent my mail yesterday only to Cristian and not to
list. So I send it to the list now:

Cristian Manzoni schrieb am 11.05.2006 09:27:

> I have some problems with hypertext and pdf files: I generated a pdf file
> (File1.pdf) including some hypertext with the following
> instructions:


> and then compiled the file by TeXify -> dvi2ps -> ps2pdf. The links in the
> File1.pdf file perfectly work.
> Then I had to merge this pdf document with other pdf's, into FileTot.pdf. I
> used the instructions:


> The new file FileTot.pdf doesn't include any hypertext links, loosing also
> the ones from File1.pdf.
> How can I generate a pdf file inheriting the hypertext of File1, Article1,
> Article2,... ?

Unfortunately this is not possible with pdfTeX. But I really miss
this feature, too! Searching for a solution about one year ago I
asked the author of pdfpages (Andreas Matthias) who wrote a patch
for pdfTeX that is still not included (AFAIK). Han The Thanh writes
the following in the EuroTeX 2005 proceedings (page 163):

»PDF inclusion with annotations: when pdfTEX includes a PDF figure,
all the annotations (the PDF term for hyperlinks and the like) from
the figure are lost. There is a patch for pdfTEX version 1.10b by
Andreas Matthias that copies annotations from included PDF figures.
The patch was released during the period when I was not maintaining
pdfTEX and didn't get attention from other pdfTEX maintainers
either. I am aware of the patch but did not look into the code yet.
If this becomes urgent or frequently asked then it should be

So we should frequently asked for it :-).

There's also the tool multivalent that can save annotations. But it
does not run on my GNU/Linux box.

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