[pdftex] No room for a new \dimen (etex.sty and pdfetex 1.30.6)

Alain Matthes alain.matthes at mac.com
Sat May 13 13:38:11 CEST 2006


This morning I worked on  a big project  with a lot of packages ,
and  I obtained  this :

This is pdfeTeX, Version 3.141592-1.30.6-2.2 (Web2C 7.5.5)
entering extended mode
..... etc...

loading : Context Support Macros / Miscellaneous (2004.10.26)
! No room for a new \dimen .
\ch at ck ...\else \errmessage {No room for a new #3}

if i use etex.sty, the problem disappears . I was surprised
  because I thought that pdetex had incorporated etex.sty !
But that's wrong ?


Alain Matthes

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