[pdftex] hyperref+pdftex+lscape: links off page

Jan Schormann jan.schormann at brainlab.com
Thu Mar 23 09:18:47 CET 2006


I'm not sure where to post this. If the pdftex-list is the wrong place,
please give me a hint. If there are any hints as to how to pose
here (e.g., what debug output to provide), please give me a hint, too.

See the attached TeX and associated PDF files.

- Hyperref, pdftex, and \begin{landscape} each work like a charm.

- When combined, the text inside the landscape environment is
  beautifully rotated and the page rotated back etc. - only:

- The links are not rotated. Seems they live in a different
  coordinate space.

- With "colorlinks=true", the text is colored alright, but the
  clickable space is still where it is now.

- Links in the header or footer (i.e., outside the landscape
  environment) come out fine (e.g. with lastpage).

In my preceding google odyssey, I couldn't find any hint to this
very problem, but I've read something about "annotation space",
so my next step would be to find out more about the pdf format
and all that. But debugging TeX code, not being used to it,
seems like a big hassle to me ...

So: Has anyone else observed this?
Is there anything obvious I'm doing (or understanding) wrong?
Perhaps there is a workaround I'm not aware of?

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