[pdftex] compiling 1.30.6 on openbsd-current

holop ferenc fred at pentacom.sk
Tue Mar 7 15:59:49 CET 2006

hmm, gnwiii at gmail.com said that
> Pdftex is now being used 'invisibly' in production environments and no
> doubt web services for things like cropping pdf images/figures (and by
> people who have never heard of TeX), so some people building/using
> pdfTeX need to be more careful about buffer overflows, etc.
> In version 1.40 beta you can avoid these warnings if you use a c99
> compiler (e.g., gcc -std=c99 ...).  For example, 
> web2c/pdftexdir/utils.c was changed
> to use vnsprintf if the  __STDC_VERSION__ >=199901L:
> void pdf_printf (const char *fmt, ...)
> {
>     va_list args;
>     va_start (args, fmt);
> #if defined (__STDC_VERSION__) && __STDC_VERSION__ >=199901L
>     vsnprintf (print_buf, PRINTF_BUF_SIZE,
> #else
>     vsprintf (print_buf,
> #endif
>               fmt, args);
>     pdf_puts (print_buf);
>     va_end (args);
> }

me no C guru, but couldn't this be solved using configure?

i mean use vsnprintf and all the "n" functions and if the
build system does not have it use a stub function defined
in the source?  seems like an overkill to modify the sources
in every place like this.  also, #ifdef's are harder to debug
and maintain (for me that is :).

i would like to see these functions as the default compiled
in and not a special case invoked by extra compiler parameters.


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