[pdftex] Re: Best bitmap image format?

Olivier Lefevre lefevrol at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 2 03:37:11 CET 2006

> Assuming the stored image has the actual pixel values from the screen,
> you should be able to undo the distortion with a \resizebox.

True. I will try to find out. I was assuming that they did perturb the 

> Unless you are actually working with image data in the application,
> the Windows graphics system gets instructions to draw objects. If you
> can capture those instructions in a metafile and convert to pdf

The problem is that I need to create multiple thumbnails of specific 
portions of the GUI: how would I subset the metafile except by loading 
it into an image editor and taking a snapshot? Maybe one could apply a 
mask or clipping frame directly in the MF or PS code but there is a 
danger that you'd still be drawing the whole image behind the scene, 
which would be extremely inefficient: for N snapshots you'd be drawing 
the entire image N times.

> It won't matter that much if the screens are uncluttered and the viewing 
 > equipment not too different from the screen used to make the images.

Yes, given that I won't be showing the whole GUI but small details of 
it, they can be shown in real size.

-- O.L.

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