[pdftex] RE : Re: \includepdf : missing symbols

H V boite_anti_spam at yahoo.fr
Thu Jun 22 12:13:13 CEST 2006

 >  Some symbols are missing when I use \includepdf. Is there a way to
 > come back on the page and include it "by hand" ?

You haven't given us much to go on.  It sounds like the included pdf
is not being rendered correctly.  Why not fix the underlying problem
rather than looking for a
way to patch up your bad result?

Have you tried a current version of pdftex?  Can you construct a
minimal example for others to run?  Where does the included PDF come
 Sorry for the bad description of the problem.
 I need to insert a published pdf (therefore I cannot provide it for the members of the list to test it) in a document. It seems that it use a fond called MTSY. I found on the net that this font must be bought, and the admin of my local network won't buy it. The result is a dot instead of a sigma in my pdftex document. I tried to replace mathtype by bellbeek, but it must work only with a tex source, not with a pdf source... Any hint ?

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